Buon Appetito!

There is a truly flavorful experience when you taste Lioni’s all-natural fresh mozzarella. Its delicate, moist and creamy texture embodies the Salzarulo family’s passion for extraordinary cheese-making. Rich in history and tradition, this fine authentic cheese originated in the small town of Lioni, outside Naples, in the Campania region of Italy. The family’s art and skill of cheese-making was developed from generation to generation not far from the origins of the first mozzarella. Simply pure and elegant, fresh mozzarella is an essential part of everyday Italian cuisine. Aside from enjoying it in its simplicity, it is the perfect ingredient for a variety of combinations.

Lioni invites you to discover their collection of mouthwatering recipes and to taste the essence of this fresh, delicious, all-natural mozzarella cheese. As you share in these warm and inviting dishes, may you always celebrate with love and laughter in the true spirit of the Salzarulo family tradition. Lioni’s fresh mozzarella will help you create a culinary masterpiece.