Our Farmers

Our Farmers

Our Commitment to Be the Best

Our farmers provide us with the highest quality of milk so we can produce Lioni’s award-winning fresh mozzarella cheese. Lioni’s fresh mozzarella products are made from 100% whole cow’s milk. We source our milk from local farms that use best practices and prioritize environmental health. Our farmers pledge that they do not treat their cows with the growth hormone rBST*. We highly value our relationship and their commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows.

By Acre Holsteins

"We are a third generation of farmers originally from Holland. Our farm is 100% sustainable and located next to the only volcano this side of the Mississippi, next to the Appalachian trail. We grow Alfalfa, corn, and grass on rich soil, our Holstein cows graze here, which makes our milk special. We feel a true sense of satisfaction and pride, being a part of this process - from our pasture, the cow’s milk to the Lioni cheese"

By Acre Holsteins located in Wantage, NJ (Sussex County NJ) is owned and operated by 3 generations of the Byma Family.  They care for hundreds of registered Holsteins everyday where they produce thousands of gallons of milk daily. By Acre is committed to delivering the highest quality milk, high in natural minerals and free of any added hormones.

Hun-Val Dairy Farm

Hun-Val Farm is owned and operated by first generation dairy farmers, Jared and Treacy Weeks. The farm milks a small herd of "50" registered Brown Swiss and Holstein Dairy Cows. Our primary focus is producing high-quality milk. Which can be used to produce high-quality dairy products.