Lioni Latticini Products

Lioni Latticini Products

Lioni's products contain absolutely no preservatives or additives. A strict attention to detail goes into every step of production—from the selection of the freshest whole milk, to the meticulous processing of the valuable curd, the perfect timing of the creation of the cheese, to the final inspection and in-house processing and packaging. This attention to detail guarantees the uncompromised quality that has been synonymous with the Lioni name which still holds true today.

  • To insure the highest quality of freshness, it is strongly recommended to refrigerate all Lioni mozzarella products.
  • Fresh Mozzarella is most flavorable when served at room temperature.
  • Leave at room temperature at least 1 hour before serving.

A traditional mozzarella made from 100% whole cow’s milk. This cheese has a smooth, silky texture and a delicate, moist consistency. Our loaf has a low moisture content, making it great for melting! These products are available with or without salt (low sodium), hand wrapped or in water.

Lioni’s fresh mozzarella is packed in purified filtered water. Porcelain white in color, this lightly salted cheese has a smooth creamy texture that is available in a variety of distinct sizes that can enhance any chef’s culinary vision.

Our all natural Bufala mozzarella is made from 100% grassfed buffalo milk imported from the DOP area of Campania, Italy. Lioni recreates the inspirational essence of Italy’s original Bufala Mozzarella here in the U.S. daily. Our Bufala Fresca has an alluringly distinctive flavor and delicious creamy texture. Imported Bufala Fresca is also available.

Delicately enhanced with all natural wood smoke on premises. Our loaf contains a low moisture level which makes it perfect for melting in recipes.

Our traditional mozzarella is made from 100% whole cow’s milk, slightly salted and porcelain white in color. Medallions are “pre-sliced” for great portion control and have a luscious, thick and creamy smooth texture. A quick, delicious addition to salads, sandwiches and appetizers.

These semi-soft mild flavored delicacies are golden in color and lightly salted with a delicious smooth texture. Our smoked dry mozzarella is delicately enhanced by all natural wood chips. Both are superb for melting or for slicing.

Lioni’s handmade rolls of fresh mozzarella are a delightful blend of fine Italian Prosciutto and cheese. They are bursting with flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Lioni’s fresh ricotta is produced the “old-fashioned” way—hand-dipped and scooped in order to preserve the texture and create a truly premium, chunky-style ricotta.

Our Burrata Con Panna and Burrata Con Tartufo are a luscious and sophisticated delicacy of fresh mozzarella filled with a light and creamy, authentic panna di latte and pasta filata. Our Burrata Con Tartufo features the rare delicacy of the finest Italian Black truffles.

This all natural fresh mozzarella is the original "filatura" (stretching) cheese made from 100% whole cow's milk. Lioni's Fior di Latte is abundant in flavor with a delicate, creamy texture. It is designed for high temperature pizza ovens and has superior melting ability with zero burn.

This is the ultra-rich creamy filling that is the delicious center of Lioni’s award-winning burrata, artfully crafted out of delicate shreds of pasta filata mozzarella and the finest authentic Italian cream.