A Family Tradition

Lioni proudly introduces Stracciatella Panna di Latte for sale in retail stores. This ultra-rich creamy filling is the delicious center of Loni’s award winning burrata. The ever-popular fresh cheese is artfully crafted out of delicate shreds of pasta filata mozzarella and the finest authentic Italian cream. More than a spread, this luxurious cheese is traditionally used atop pizzas, folded into seasonal salads, and added to a favorite pasta dish.
Lioni’s Stracciatella elevates the simplest dishes into sophisticated and elegant culinary presentations.
Lioni Latticini introduces Fresh Mozzarella Snack Bites for an on-the-go premium fresh mozzarella snack. The Salzarulo family has packaged their fine traditional Italian cheese into a convenient snack of six easy-to-peel 4 piece packages.
A distinctively premium line of specialty fresh mozzarella products, featuring Lioni’s award-winning Burrata and Bufala Fresca Mozzarella. Experience the essence of these Simply Exceptional Mozzarella Products.