A Family Tradition

Lioni proudly announces the induction of its founders into the SFA Hall of Fame. The Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame honors individuals whose accomplishments impact contributions, innovations, and success within the Specialty Food Industry.

“We are honored to be inducted into the SFA Hall of Fame”, says Giuseppe Salzarulo, Co-founder, and Co-owner of Lioni Latticini, Inc. “and we are especially proud of our family’s longtime traditional cheesemaking.” It is a privilege to share our journey with this incredible specialty food community.”

Lioni proudly introduces Stracciatella Panna di Latte for sale in retail stores. This ultra-rich creamy filling is the delicious center of Loni’s award winning burrata. The ever-popular fresh cheese is artfully crafted out of delicate shreds of pasta filata mozzarella and the finest authentic Italian cream. More than a spread, this luxurious cheese is traditionally used atop pizzas, folded into seasonal salads, and added to a favorite pasta dish.
Lioni’s Stracciatella elevates the simplest dishes into sophisticated and elegant culinary presentations.
Lioni Latticini introduces Fresh Mozzarella Snack Bites for an on-the-go premium fresh mozzarella snack. The Salzarulo family has packaged their fine traditional Italian cheese into a convenient snack of six easy-to-peel 4 piece packages.
A distinctively premium line of specialty fresh mozzarella products, featuring Lioni’s award-winning Burrata and Bufala Fresca Mozzarella. Experience the essence of these Simply Exceptional Mozzarella Products.